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Shenzhen Yue Electronics Co., Ltd.Is a professional research and development、produce、Business photographic equipment、Power Battery、Consumer Batteries、3C accessories peripheral products of high-tech companies。It has been developed for each category of products up to more than 1,000 species,And in the field of product development efforts continue to strengthen,To provide customers with more choices,Meet more demand。


company profiles

Globalization Lenon,Innovation and Technology,Quality brand。


Strategizing,Their duties,Optimize performance standards。

company culture

Happy to be able to create,Share with win,Stormy future,Go hand in hand。


WHY,UL,Rohs,EMC,FCC,CE certification and other products。

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Internet Marketing Services

Electrical products distribution business

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Our advantage

Lepower’s Advantages

Internet based electricity supplier development trends and industry needs,Offer you a、high performance、Stable products and services

Professional R & D team

Focus on the development of innovative technology products,Strict quality control,Build a trusted brand。

Perfect Overseas warehouse

Lenon in the UK、United States、The Netherlands established a branch;Otherwise many European and overseas warehouses Amazon FBA warehouse。

Attentive service experience

Its several electronic brands,A professional customer service website,Major retail and online customer service platform。

Strong overall system

Guided by the company's core management Lenon Product Development、quality、Marketing、After-sales support operating system and other products。

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